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7 Tips for Saving on Rental Cars

Finding a good deal on car rentals is lot different than the low room rates and the cheap airfares. However, renting a car should not cost you much. If you are traveling in summer, it is always better to book a car. As the summer car rental season starts, prices start rising. The prices might vary from one month to the other.  These kinds of variations are quite common in the car rental industry.  Car rental prices constantly go up and down in big leaps.  Take a look at some of the tips by Scarborough car rental so save some money on the car rental.

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Give Up on the Brand Names

You need to look beyond the independent agencies to national chains. This is because the low operating cost of the cars that you can find on the websites usually cost less 15% to 30% less than the rentals from the mainstream agency.  Big names are always going to cost you more money.  Thus, go for small car rental companies such as Scarborough car rental.

Go for the Virtual Discounts

You should look for the coupons and discounts that are offered by some of the sites. There is also an option to type the name of the company along with the phrase ‘coupon code’ in Check Google to see what comes up.  Rental car companies such as Scarborough car rental provide discounts to the member who have frequent flier programs or the organization that they are partnering with. However, you shouldn’t stop here. A majority of the car rental companies will enable you to combine the discount codes along with the coupon codes.

Track rates through

This is website that continuously checks for coupons and low rates until the date of the trip.  You can use this in one or two ways. Either you can track the price of the book rental somewhere else or book directly through this website. This site works with many online e-wallet sites and will apply discounts that it comes across. However, the drawback of the second option is that it has limited inventory.  Most of the companies do not like the fact that the consumers can cancel or change the car reservation without any kind of penalty.

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Avoid the Airport

Off airport locations are known to be typically cheaper than the airport locations. This tends to tack on the fees which can increase the price by almost 30%. Walk or take a cab to a location in order to avoid some unnecessary fees as per Scarborough car rental. This way you will be able to save a lot of money.

Reserve the Car for Longer Time

This might sound counterintuitive. However, adding an extra day onto the weekly rental or even including few hours to extend it till the weekend without any intention of returning the car than late is capable of reducing the rate.  The strategy will take advantage of the lower price which is made for the leisure of the travelers who usually travel on the weekends.


Even if you have already booked the car from Scarborough car rental, it is better to swing by the rental counter in order to check out if you can get a better car.  If you do ask, you will not get.  However, success with this trick might depend on the mood of the clerk. Here are 7 tips on saving on car rentals in the future!